Welcome to the Linoma Tenants Association page!

The new board was elected on Saturday, May 23 rd at the annual meeting. Your new board members are:

  • Sam S (Lot 99) – Lots B1 through Lot 27
  • John H (Lot 32) – Lots 28 through 53
  • Lisa K (Lot 37) – Lots 54 through 78
  • Jay H (Lot 48) – Lots 79 through 85 and 112 through 126
  • Bill C (Lot 85) – Lots 127 through 158
  • Gayle T (Lot 101) – Lots 86 through Lots 111
  • Dan H (Lot B3) – at Large and Cabin

There is a representative assigned to each lot. However, feel free to approach any board member regarding any comments or concerns that need to be addressed. Information boxes are back up so that you can find newsletters and other information about what is happening at the Lake this year. Also, please check the Calendar page for upcoming events and meetings.

You can also view a basic map.

*** Please note that all lots are approximate in size.

Linoma Lot Map