Linoma Lighthouse Foundation

“Light the Lighthouse”

On July 4, 1924 Linoma Realty Company opened the Linoma Beach resort. The new resort was situated about halfway between and about 30 miles from Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska's two largest cities; its name is was taken from the first three letters of each of the two names. The resort was popular at day and night, and the dances contributed significantly to its popularity.

To entice motor tourists, roadside businesses across Nebraska had installed whimsical and eye-catching structures. As a waterside attraction, Linoma opted for a maritime theme. In 1939, a 100-foot lighthouse was constructed beside the highway. The base of the lighthouse was a glass-and-masonry filling station. A central spiral staircase led to observation decks on the second and tenth stories; the tenth-floor deck ran around the lighthouse's beacon. The rooms above the first story have plumbing, stoves, and windows.

Preservation and Restoration

In 2003, Linoma Beach was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The lighthouse was judged especially significant, as representative of a vanishing type of early twentieth century roadside architecture. In 2010, a group of five local investors operating as Linoma and Lighthouse LLC bought the property. In 2011, the lighthouse and land around the lighthouse was transferred to the Linoma Lighthouse Foundation, a non-profit 501c3, in an effort to restore, preserve, and protect it. Currently, the Foundation is working to “Light the Lighthouse.” The mission of the Foundation is to preserve and restore this Historic Landmark!

You can make a difference!

You can contribute by donating used clothing and shoes. A large blue bin is conveniently located on the property where items can be dropped off. Clothing and shoes donated will go to others less fortunate and the Linoma Lighthouse Foundation will receive funds to help preserve this historic landmark bringing it back to its original beauty to be shared with the community and travelers across the country.

Tax deductible monetary donations can also be made to: Linoma Lighthouse Foundation, 1442 Silver Street, Ashland NE 68003